Last Friday, George Clooney was arrested by police while starring in a peaceful protest at the gates of the Sudanese Embassy in Washington. The actor spent little time in the custody – he was released the same evening. But now take advantage of the great media, Clooney to discuss the cause he defends.

George explained his presence at the protest – the famous are the only ones who can draw media attention. And in last Sunday’s protest, George Clooney was to accompany his father and other activists who try to draw the attention of the authorities on the problem of famine taking place in the Horn of Africa.


This week the actor gave a short interview to Fox News Sunday and said the following:

“I’ve seen in the 70′s as my father did reports on important social problems. But these reports are not issued because suddenly appeared another news of much more “important” related to Elizabeth Taylor. And then I told my father I will be Elizabeth Taylor. My appearance is enough to make a protest, that no one would see in an event that will go around the world.”

A 100% success, on the protest and the arrest of Clooney has spoken news agencies worldwide. Clooney is apparently thinking of changing his role as a womanizer eternal political figure. Who knows, maybe in a few years we will see Clooney taking up the post of Governor of a state or even the President of the United States. Not be the first precedent in Hollywood.