As the popular saying “She used all micros” and in the case of the model María Eugenia Larraín that premise is fully met.

In Focus picked up the story of Sandy Boquita against Valentina Roth, where hangs a long history of couples and the alleged “remember” Maria Eugenia Larrain with singer Luis Miguel, to make a note on “the 40 men of Kenita”.

Kenita Larrain

Some big names, some surprising, some who are just rumors, athletes, singers, entertainers, reality guys, met the entire list by Spotlight. Here are some of the names given in the note.

Not to forget that Kenita Larrain has participated in reality shows. Two in Chile and one at present in Peru. In Vip Squad held a great romance with Nabih Chadud and rumors that had an affair hidden from the cameras with the former leader Maximilian Mellado.

World business, Kenita also has handled very well. Charles Dumay, Gonzalo Berrios and Giovanni Ananias (who always wanted to enter show business) also appear in the listing.

Singers and musicians were the ideal for romance. Here stands the Mexican Luis Miguel, who still says that until a few weeks ago Kenita was seen out of the car the interpreter of “Unconditional”. It also added the Puerto Rican Luis Fonsi (romance in the days of Vina 2009), the Italian Paolo Meneguzzi, Spanish Enrique Iglesias, and also Mexican Cristian Castro.

But surely, where the grip was placed Larrain in athletes, we are on hand. To whom he was a few hours of marriage was with Ivan Zamorano, but we know that ended in controversy and is still talking about this sad episode. But where we were most surprised was that María Eugenia Larraín maintained an affair with the goalkeeper Nelson Tapia, also talks about Marcelo Salas and Sebastian Rozental.

Known was the courtship he had with George “Kike” Acuña. They met in Platoon and then continued outside the prison romance ended after about a year. But where we were stunned, was that Maria Eugenia Larrain would have kept an affair with former wheel of the Peruvian Football Roberto Palacios, better known as “The Chorrillano”.

Tennis racquets are not left behind and chronologically speaking, once broke with “Bam Bam” went to Spain to do more than mourn the punishment alongside the Iberian credit Carlos Moya. However, he said yes and everyone thought that here was established Kenita was definitely our No. 1 Marcelo “Chino” Rios. But as we all know and remember the end of that relationship with the abuse scandal, the wheelchair and the bruises on her legs.

Her colleagues of the modeling also were with her: Pablo Schilling, Hotuiti Teao and the current councilman of Patrician Central Station Gap they form apart of the history.

Finally, among other well-known acting and animation are the late Philip Camiroaga, Rodolfo Jimenez (animator), Renato Rossini (Peruvian actor) and Fabian Rodriguez (Argentine actor).